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For Everyone

Newrl is the trust network for a truly decentralized economy.

What, How, Why?

(Sets us apart from the rest)

Newrl is a blockchain built for infinite scaling unlike current public blockchains. It mimics the architecture of the human brain, which is great at optimizing resources even in a decentralized setup. We achieve superior contract adherence through a blockchain infrastructure that uses social capital of the participants and smart contracts with tokenized real-world assets.
Newrl is a ‘trust network’ - a highly scalable, memory-aware and multi-token blockchain with a rich protocol layer of template-driven transaction types, smart contracts and DAOs. It is focused on effective tokenization of real-world assets/contracts and their frictionless financing on-chain - ready to be used in institutional as well as DAO-based setups.

Social Capital, Formalized

We believe that the world is neither a zero-trust jungle nor a zero-fraud utopia. With the right infrastructure, we can build on the already existing non-zero trust amongst ourselves. That is what a trust network aims to achieve.
All it takes is robust asset tokenization, smart contracts and an identity-aware blockchain!

Unique Features

Existing blockchains are too general for mainstream finance due to their monolithic design based on purely trust less transactions, without identity and legal robustness.

Newrl Aims to Solve That.

Identity Aware

Real persons only with their identity on-chain and KYC verified.

Trust network

Collates social capital indicators from diverse sources and updates them between users to facilitate mutual evaluation.

Tokenization Focused

Versatile and simple-to-use token creation and management.

Legally robust tokenization

Suitable for real world assets since tokens are backed by off-chain contracts which are enforceable in a court of law.

Templatized DAOs

Specific to Financial Services for easy deployment.


Enables parachains, sidechains etc for “gated” uses by businesses.

Use Cases - Newrl

We approach the market through a Blockchain-as-a-Service strategy. Newrl can be the core solution which you can use directly. Newrl can be your technology platform that can facilitate infinite scaling unlike current blockchains. Following are some instances that use blockchain technology for tokenization and financing.

Newrl Roadmap


Token launch in CeXs


Node as a service launch through Newrl

  • Bringing a chance to mine tokens to masses in a few simple clicks


Distributed computing v1.0/performance improvements

  • Would be a new breakthrough in reducing the transaction charges for all clients of Newrl


Bridges to EVM compatible chains for moving tokens across

Currently Active

First DAOs on Newrl - BankDAO, FundDAO

Launch of Mainnet


Newrl token DeX on our own chain

Launch of Newron app

Partnership & development

  • • Partnership with an agro warehousing company to increase the AUM to close to $50 million
  • • Partnership with a Retail Chain, focussed on brand tokenization, boosting user base to over 5 million
  • • Conduction of Hackathons in leading technical institutions to onboard budding developers onto our platform


Mainnet and starting of block rewards

* Bug Fix

* On-ramp for Stablecoins


Testnet / Devnet


Demo tokenization