Scalable. Compliant. Inclusive.

Newrl is the Trust Infrastructure for a truly Decentralized Economy

$ 5.506 BN+

Assets Tokenized

45.8 K+


420 K+

Number of Tokens


Number of Nodes

What, How, Why ?

Built for infinite scaling unlike current public blockchains.

Newrl mimics the architecture of the human brain, which is great at optimizing resources even in a decentralized setup.


Social Capital, Formalized

We believe that the world is neither a zero-trust jungle nor a zero-fraud utopia. With the right infrastructure, we can build on the already existing non-zero trust amongst ourselves. That is what a trust network aims to achieve.
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Use Cases - Newrl

Newrl can be your technology platform that can facilitate infinite scaling unlike current blockchains. Following are some instances that use blockchain technology for tokenization and financing.

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Our Roadmap




Protocol Design

( Proof of Trust consensus Protocol )

  • Tech Setup - Whitepaper, Litepaper, Devnet, Tokenomics
  • Core team in place
  • Early partners sign-ups
  • 9 Real world use cases for Newrl (>$150mm assets)

Sep - Nov



Launch - current

( Identity at blockchain layer )

  • Incentivized Testnet Launch
  • Real world testing of protocol, Newrl OG tokens
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Genesis Block!
  • Seed Sale - Sale of NWRL tokens investors that enrich Newrl ecosystem
  • Auditing and Refinements - Core Audit, Bug Bounty & Corrections

Q4 - Q1

2022 - 2023


Early Adoption

( Trust Network - social graph on chain )

  • DApp Onboarding - 9+ early sign-ups on-boarded, other early adopters
  • Trustnet Growth - Getting typical users onboard in the social graph. Target 10,000 users.
  • Newrl wallet launch - Aimed at non-technical users, further expansion of trustnet, use of no-code DAOs
  • Bridges to other chains - Ethereum, Polygon and others as per user feedback




Network & Community

( No-code DAOs - Microbanks, DVC Funds etc. )

  • Staking, NaaS - Liquidity pools in NRWL Tokens, start of Node-as-a-Service (NaaS).
  • Private Sale - NWRL tokens private sale to strategic & VC investors

Q2 - Q3




( Global node expansion )

  • DeX for Liquidity - 1st DeX on Newrl - staking and swapping of NWRL & USDC
  • Newrl 2.0 - Develop, test and implement Newrl 2.0 with infinite scalability - distributed compute and storage.
  • More contract/DAO templates - App-store approach to smart contracts and DAOs, Foundation to on-board new tokens templates.
  • DApp grants - Expanding ecosystem through grants to promising Dapps and startups building on Newrl.
  • Sidechains for enterprise use - Implement enterprise use-cases through side-chains - privacy and yet auditability.

Q3 - Q4




( Limited token repurchase )

  • Achieve and maintain over 100 active nodes globally.
  • Successfully introduce NUSDC (Newrl's equivalent to USDC) on the Newrl mainnet.
  • Initiate a limited buyback program using a portion of the fee inflows generated by DApps.

Q1 - Q2




( Diverse ecosystem growth )

  • Expand the validator pool to ensure a consistently active network with more than 100 nodes.
  • Revise the Proof of Trust protocol to allow a larger number of Newrl tokens to be staked, providing proportionately higher chances for block creation (with an upper limit).
  • Create the Newrl Foundation Council, comprising core team members, developers, active validators, and industry experts.
  • Enhance database architecture to reduce empty blocks and optimize block creation.
  • Transition most projects from the testnet to the mainnet.
  • Enable staking on behalf of someone else through a suitable smart contract.

Q2 - Q3



Prepping for the Listing:

( Exchange readiness preparation )

  • Launch a campaign to increase the number of DApps on the Newrl platform.
  • Scale up the buyback program based on fees generated by active DApps.
  • Create support for Newrl ERC-20 tokens in the listing process.
  • Approach exchanges (both centralized and decentralized) for the listing process, assessing costs and requirements.

Q3 - Q4



Public Sale

( Wider token distribution )

  • Launch a marketing campaign to increase Newrl's visibility among prospective investors.
  • Approach liquidity managers and market makers to enhance liquidity.
  • List Newrl on one or more suitable exchanges, completing the listing process.
  • Provide support to maintain liquidity in the early days post-listing.

Backed By

Manish Agarwal

Ex-CEO Nazara Technologies

Anupam Mittal , Shark Tank

Zishaan Hayath

Founder -

Uday Sodhi

CEO HeadHonchos

Maninder Gulati

Global Chief Strategy Officer at OYO

Jasmeet Gandhi

Founders Room Capital

Miten Mehta

Google Cloud,

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