who we are

A layer-1 blockchain built as a ‘Trust Network’ for mainstream DeFi – focused on financial inclusion

Newrl is a decentralized trust network - a social graph of identifiable real individuals and small businesses.

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What problem are we solving?

DeFi for mass adoption is difficult on the current blockchain infrastructure - due to anonymity and lack of accountability.

Solution: bring trust back, and enhance it!

Founding Members

We are building the next gen web 3.0

Swapnil Pawar

Founder, CEO

Kousthub Raja

Technology Lead

Palak Nanjani

Head of Operations

Vaibhav Singh

Senior Developer

Pranav K


Shitij Singh

Corporate Development

Pradeep A

Full Stack Developer

We are on a mission. We invite you to join us our team

Our mission is to build the most capital efficient, inclusive & scalable protocol on web 3.0.
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